Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blogger on the Spotlight: The Stilettoholic

Meet Laura, a blonde ambitious fashion blogger with a unique style, not the mention she's French, Oh la la! She was so amazingly kind to answer some questions about her personal style and to provide us with some fashion tips.  You can see her post over here: The Stilettoholic

    Her favorite OOTD

Here’s my favorite OOTD, I love printed clothes. This time I decided to wear these original pants from H&M that I paired with a blazer, stilettos and an elegant clutch, all in neutral colors to soften the look. 
Her style:
I love to change styles everyday. I can wear a very chic outfit one day and then a more edgy one on the next day, it depends on my mood. Above all I love to mix elegant clothes with casual pieces. I also like to add a touch of bright color in each outfit that I wear to spice up the whole look.
Wardrobe staples:
A leather jacket, a pair of jeans, a white shirt, a little black dress, a pair of stilettos, and a cashmere sweater.
Most expensive item in her closet:
Probably the Chanel clutch that I was gifted for my 18th birthday.
Most wanted item:
A Céline’s « luggage » handbag, I’m obssesed with them !
Favorite designer:
Wow I have so many… If I have to chose, I’d say Chloé, I love the spirit of the collections and the clothes' shapes are amazing.
How much do you spend on clothes:
Well it depends… I’d say on average 200 € a month.
Favorite piece of jewelry:
Necklaces and bracelets. They can make an outfit look completely different !
Favorite places to shop:
H&M and Zara are my two favourite spots to shop because you can find a large choice of affordable fashion clothing. I also like Sandro and Maje which are two of my favorite french brands. And to find the perfect accessories I usually go on
Favorite fragrance:
I like to change regularly because I get used very quickly, currently I wear Guerlain’s fragrance « La Petite Robe Noire »
Favorite way to do her hair:
I have naturally straight hair, so I like either to keep it straight or to curl it a little bit.
Her go-to outfit when she has no idea on what to wear:
 Definitely a pair of skinny jeans associated with a blazer, a maxi necklace and of course stilettos.
Fashion trend she wish would come back or stay:
I hope that the Burgundy trend will last, I love that color !
Her most prized wardrobe possession:
My most prized selection is this coat from Maje. It’s my best friend in winter, it’s probably the clothing piece of my wardrobe that I wear the most, considering that in Paris the weather is cold half of the year. I’ve searched for months to find the perfect warm coat and finally found it !
Thanks so much Laura for sharing with today, best wishes for you and your blog.
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