Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY shoe embellishment

I had this plain gray flats, which I bought at Walmart for US$11, they were plain and boring so I decided to bring them to life adding this black and polka doted flower. This y what you need:
Something round a cup will do
Polka dot fabric
Black fabric
2 oversized buttons
Glue Gun
Tread and needle
Cover your buttons with the polka dot fabric and cut the fabric according to the button shape paste it. Using the chalk trace circles with your selected round object over the black fabric (you'll need approximately 5 for each shoe)cut them and then fold them in four and saw the ends together paste them to the shoe and apply the covered button to the top and voilĂ !!!!

New hair cut

I decided to finally cut my hair after two years this is the result, (I was aiming for a Zoey Deschanel sort of style).

Sunday bloody Sunday

I'm wearing a vintage polka dotted blouse which I bought at a consignment store last summer it's oversized and I love the way it fits me. Forever 21 minty aquish green pants, I bought them 2 years ago and still wear them almost every week. My white vintage crossover bag which I got for FREE at A forever 21 pendant necklace. And my Lita's. It was raining a lot so my hair got messed up (bummer).

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New in the Make Up Department

These are some of the beauty products I've recently acquired:
1. The Balm Oh So Pretty Kit: Betty Lou-Manizer bronzer and eyeshadow, Petunia Nail Polish, Mini Kabuki Brush, and Plump your Pucker gloss in Passion my Fruit.
2. Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Nail Polish in: plum burst, lavender envy, and sheer vanilla.
3. L.A.Colors All in One stick lipstick,blush, and eyeshadow